CUSTOM PRODUCT TABS import CSV file: how to simplify the import process for the WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs Plugin by Yikes Inc.

If you need to import data for the Custom Product Tabs WordPress plugin and you want to use a very simple CSV file then you can take advantage of the WooTabs Import File Creator solution.

This online solution takes your very simple CSV file and generates the sophisticated data structure requested by the Custom Product Tabs plugin.

So it’s the ideal solution when you:

  • do not have time to study the structure requirements for the import file
  • need the CSV file to be created by your customers
  • are not familiar with the serialization of information

Infact, WooTabs Import File Creator allows you to use a very user friendly formatted file, really easy to edit even without technical skills.

Just to give you an idea, your CSV file could be as simple as

Description Options Shipping
Small box Blue or red Within 12 hours
Medium box Green or red Within 24 hours
Big box Black or white Within 2 days

where Description, Options and Shipping are the 3 tabs you want to import. Honestly, could you think anything easier?

And in order to comply different needs, the WooTabs IFC solution has 2 main scenarios:

  1. standard: the tabs order and titles are fixed
  2. custom: the tabs order and titles are flexible

Other interesting features:

Product SKUs and records ID can be used for updating procedures.

Different tabs can have the very same name.

HTML tags are allowed in the tabs content.

Click HERE to enjoy the demo.

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